Sindh provincial road improvement project (SPRIP)
asian development bank assisted
works & services department
government of sindh

The Government of Sindh requested the ADB to support developing a Sindh Road Network Master Plan and conduct a feasibility study for the high priority roads. The previous road network master plan was prepared in 1995 and has not been updated since then. The component will assess the current status of transport system by surveying conditions of roads and traffic movement. Based on the survey, transport sector data, economic development projection, past and ongoing studies relating to the transport sector, and regional and sub-regional trade, transport requirements, i.e., traffic demands, required network capacity, and financing capacity, will be estimated for the next 20 years.

The assessments will identify the main road systems required to link the markets, main production centers, and development opportunities in the province and the sub-region. After identifying the main road systems, a road investment program for the next 5 years will be established with the use of objective prioritization criteria, taking into account the Government’s objectives and preliminary analysis of possible economic, environmental, social, and resettlement consequences. Financing requirements will also be taken into consideration to prepare the road investment program. Long-term strategies of implementing a financing mechanism for sustainability will also be developed taking into account the process of strengthening to government’s capacity. The component will define the most efficient network under a multimodal transport framework, giving due consideration to other transport model options and routes. The analysis will use existing and updated geographic information system data.

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