Sindh provincial road improvement project (SPRIP)
asian development bank assisted
works & services department
government of sindh

The overall picture in Pakistan regarding road safety is not good. There is an urgent need to improve road collision data, strengthen road safety engineering, improve driver training, enforce traffic laws, conduct basic road safety awareness campaigns and strengthen post-crash care. Many of these issues (e.g., collision data, driver training) should be resolved at national level and ADB may consider provision of support via the forthcoming DflD technical assistance grant for road safety, other such as lack of competence in road safety engineering may be tackled under the CAREC road safety regional technical assistance. Discussions with Karachi police force concluded that it would be highly beneficial to include some funding for road safety under Sindh Provincial Roads Project, focusing on (i) equipment for police first-responders at the collision scene, and (ii) road safety awareness raising (focusing initially on helmet wearing). It is agreed that around $500,000 will be allocated for this purpose.

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