Sindh provincial road improvement project (SPRIP)
asian development bank assisted
works & services department
government of sindh

The Worlks and Services Department have reviewed the current WSD's maintenance operations, funding allocation, established RAMS system and data collection. A strategy to upgrade the existing RAMS has been developed, which aims to (i) renew the existing RAMS by enhancing its database and make use of HDM-4 applications so that a series of road maintenance programs and investments can be conducted; (ii) provide a suitable training program so that the RAMS will be properly operated and maintained; and (iii) ensure the Sindh government’s endorsement of RAMS application. The total cost estimate of the component is around $2.5 million which includes consulting services and data collection. The Government of Sindh agrees that a dedicated budget of $ 100,000 per year will be allocated for the maintenance cost of RAMS after the loan is closed. The government also commits that more that 70% of annual maintenance budget allocation will be based on the outcomes of the upgraded RAMS starting from 2019.

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