Sindh provincial road improvement project (SPRIP)
asian development bank assisted
works & services department
government of sindh

The Government of Sindh intends to borrow the loan from ADB to rehabilitate about 400km of more severely deteriorated and economical viable roads. ADB has agreed to provide US $197.85(M) loan for the purpose.

ADB assigned the Feasibility Study to consultants M/s Engineering Consultants International (Pvt.) Ltd; Karachi, under TA-8406-PAK.

The T.A.Consultants finalized the feasibility study and short listed six roads with cumulative length of 328km with uniform width of 7.3m.

In addition to the Investment component, the project will also include some consultancy services and equipment for Reform component such as (i) Project Management Consultant, (ii) Restoration and upgrading the established Road Asset Management System (RAMS), (iii) Prepration of the Sindh Road Network Master Plan, and (iv) Institutional strengthening and training for Works and Services Department WSD and provision of emergency responce equipments for traffic Police Department of Government of Sindh.

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